Cube Score

Bespoke Development, PDF Generation, Survey Tool, Conversion Tracking


AboutThe Client

DV02 is a telecommunications solutions provider who have been established for over 15 years. They provide an extensive range of communication products, technology, software and support across a range of industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and education.

They have the expertise and experience need to utilise telecommunications to solve common business problems.


About this project

DV02 approached Interweb360 with an idea for a unique tool to generate leads and offer valuable telecoms insights for prospects and customers. The concept consisted of a 60-question survey with a RAG (Red Amber Green) scoring system.

The score colour for each section would translate to a personalised PDF report, upon completing the survey an email would be sent to the lead with a link to their report.

DV02 had approached various other suppliers who shied away from doing the work insisting it would too complex and we couldn’t have all the features we wanted – which reflected in the quotes. Right from the start Interweb360 were confident it was easily achievable and including all the features we required.

As a result, DV02 have a bespoke lead generation tool that provides them with valuable information from the lead and in turn the prospect gets free advice from knowledgeable telecoms professionals. Check it out at